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How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Apartment Home

How to Maximize Storage Space in Your Luxury Apartment Home

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Clever Solutions For Storing Your Essentials

Living in a luxury apartment home comes with its own distinct set of advantages. First of all, you’re going to be upgrading to the highest level of modern living that’s chock-full of amenities, including a full fitness center, infinity pool, and social lounge for unwinding after work. Here at The Apex at CityPlace in Overland Park, we also offer 24-hour on-site maintenance, a Bark Park for pups, and a myriad of other services designed to make the lives of our tenants easier and more efficient.

Apartment home living can be very chic, but it can also be challenging when it comes to space, especially if you’re downsizing from a traditional home that features a basement or attic for storage. Making the most of limited space can be a challenge, but fortunately, there are several inventive options that are both fashion-forward and easy on the pocketbook. All that’s required is a little creative thinking and being mindful of storage during your purchases for furnishings.

Multipurpose Furniture

What’s better than getting one piece of furniture? Getting a piece of furniture that serves more than one function. The beauty of modern design is that it’s expanded beyond single-purpose usage. A couch is no longer just a couch. Some of them now have built-in drawers, so they can serve as the place where you store those extra blankets during the summer when you’re not using them as much. A couple other great multipurpose pieces include ottomans and benches with removable tops, which are perfect for storing small items such as shoes or sweaters.

Coffee tables have also progressed leaps and bounds over the decades in ingenuity. Many of them now feature drawers or hidden compartments, which can be used for storing magazines, board games, and the remotes for your electronics when they’re not in use.

Dining room tables have a way of becoming a part-time eatery, part-time workstation. The large flat surface makes it an ideal candidate to place your mail, office supplies, and random paperwork on. If you’re moving into an apartment, consider getting a dining room table with built-in storage beneath the top surface. All the extra drawer space comes in handy for those needing a dual-purpose area for dining and work.

Finally, try to think of your other furniture selections in terms of storage. For instance, instead of getting a bedside table that only features a single surface, consider purchasing a nightstand for the drawer space. Always be thinking in terms of storage in addition to aesthetic.

Using Walls and Ceilings

Living in an apartment requires getting creative with the space, and that means utilizing every surface available to you. Think of your walls and ceilings as an extension of the floor. Don’t be afraid to go vertical.

For instance, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils can take up a huge amount of valuable kitchen space. You don’t use them often, but you don’t want to toss them out or make them inaccessible, either. This is where it pays off to think vertically. A standing wall rack or a ceiling-mounted rack with hooks are a couple simple solutions for kitchen storage.

Other items that can eat up a lot of floorspace are standing lamps and shelving units for books and DVDs. Once again, defer to the walls around you by going with shelves and lighting solutions that mount to the studs in your walls. Also, some large mirrors are multipurpose and feature shelving for small items.

Bedroom Alternatives

The bed is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. It also eats up a ton of space. For apartment dwellers – especially those in a studio or micro-apartment – you have several options for multipurpose bedroom furniture to maximize your limited space.

Going back to the vertical line of thinking, a loft bed elevates the mattress off the ground so that you can store things underneath it. Most loft beds have a full or twin-sized mattress, which is accessible via a ladder that runs up the side.

A double day bed (also known as a sleeper sofa) is part couch, part bed. When it’s not being used for sleeping purposes, it can serve as your living room sofa. This is an excellent choice for people who occasionally have guests over and want to be able to offer them a full-size mattress.

Finally, there are many beds made now that feature several drawers built along the bottom of the bed for storing blankets and clothes. This can help save you space by eliminating the need for nightstands and dressers.

Other Clever Storage Solutions

Once you’ve maxed out what you can store in the big pieces of furniture, like your bed and coffee table, you then need to think about where the rest of your stuff is going to go. Just like most people, you probably have a certain number of seasonal items, important documents, and random knick-knacks that need to be tucked away to avoid clutter.

Storage tubs, baskets, and organizational cabinets are all cost-effective solutions that can hold these items until you need them. There should be several options available that meet your design aesthetic.

Also, don’t forget to look into floating shelves, wall pegs, and vertical racks for things like shoes and jackets so they’re off the floor and not dominating your closet. If you find you have a lot of one particular item – like records or books – there is usually a solution designed specifically for it.

Check Out a Luxury Apartment Home Today!

We hope you found these tips and tricks useful for maximizing your living space.

If you’re considering upgrading to a luxury living space like the ones we offer at The Apex at CityPlace, contact us today so that we can set up an official tour. We have one of the most extensive lists of amenities out of any property in Overland Park, and every one of our apartment homes is smart-capable. Your lighting, thermostat, and locks can all be controlled with the touch of the a button through our smartphone app.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at 913-374-6057 to see how great modern living can be.

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