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Questions You Should Ask When Looking at New Apartments

Questions You Should Always Ask When Looking at New Apartments

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New Apartment in Overland Park, Kansas

Your Checklist to Consult While Apartment Hunting in Overland Park, KS

Choosing your next apartment is a big decision. If you’re like most people, you’ve narrowed down your selection to an area that offers a short work commute and is conveniently located to the stores and restaurants you like. Most people move because it puts them closer to where they need to be, but moving can be overwhelming and filled with surprise expenses if you don’t know the right questions to ask. If you’re shopping around for luxury apartments or studio apartments in the Overland Park area, here are the top questions to ask so you can make sure you have all your bases covered and efficiently plan your budget.

What’s the Rent?

This is probably the top question in everyone’s mind when searching for apartments, and you should definitely lead off with this since it’s likely going to be the highest out of all your monthly expenses. It’s important to stay within budget relative to your income, so the apartment’s rent will tell you immediately whether or not you can realistically continue the conversation. Most apartments will post a range of rents on their website, but be sure to ask a leasing agent an exact figure for floor plans they have available.

What’s Included in the Rent?

You’ve been given a hard number for monthly rent and it sounds like it’s affordable. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty. What’s included in rent? If you’ve done any amount of apartment hunting, then you already know that you can’t take rent at face value. Some places charge what appears to be very high rent, but it evens out because they include water, electric, trash, and cable/internet with the expense. It ends up being more convenient because you’re not dealing with three or four additional bills every month. Other places are the opposite and include no utilities. Make sure you know what’s being included with your rent amount so you know which additional bills – if any – you’ll be responsible for.

What Services and Amenities are Offered?

You can think of this question as the continuation of the last one. The amenities and services a property provides means more value and added convenience. For instance, a property may feature an on-site workout facility. That would mean you would no longer have to pay for the cost of a monthly gym membership while also saving you the time it takes for you to commute. That single amenity would save you time and money. Other big amenities to look for are laundry facilities, dishwashers, modern fixtures/appliances, swimming pools, outdoor grills, and on-site market places for groceries. Most properties have their list of amenities and services readily-available on their website.

Who Do I Call About Maintenance and Repairs?

People tend to overlook this question because it’s hard to think about something breaking in a place they haven’t lived yet, but it’s an important question to ask. If there’s ever a day when the heat goes out or your fridge stops working, you’re going to want to get it fixed. Preferably, the day that it happens. Make sure to ask if maintenance is available 24/7 and how quickly problems are generally addressed.

What is Your Pet Policy?

Where you go, your pet goes, too. Most apartments will tell you on their website if they’re pet-friendly or not, but you’ll need to dig a little deeper with some follow-ups as they relate to your pet(s). Some places won’t allow more than one pet, or they won’t allow a pet over a certain weight or of a certain breed. You’ll also want to ask early in the process how much the monthly pet rent and pet deposit will be.

What Other Upfront Costs Can I Expect?

The costs of moving into an apartment can be high, which is why it’s critical to make sure you ask about what’s going to be due upfront. Does the apartment require the first and last month’s rent? Do they require a security deposit or other fee? Most apartments don’t offer this information on their website, so make sure you ask the leasing office about it so you can factor it in with your costs. If the upfront costs are too high, you might have to consider other options or see if the leasing office will work with you on breaking those costs into separate payments.

What Are the Terms of the Lease?

Obviously, you’ll want to know the key dates, which is when you can move in, how long you’ll be living there for, and when you’re expected to leave by. A year is the standard, but it’s not uncommon to see leases that are quarterly or even month-to-month. For most people, renting is temporary, so you want to set your lease for an amount of time you realistically think you’ll want to be at that apartment. In the event that you have to move or unexpectedly break the lease, you’ll definitely want to be familiar with what costs/penalties that will incur. Other key lease items to pay attention to are when rent is due, the late rent policy, the renter’s insurance policy, and any special rules that you have to follow as a tenant. Remember to review your lease thoroughly before signing it so there are no surprises.

Come See Luxury Apartment Home Living

If you’re shopping for a new apartment in the Overland Park area, The Apex at CityPlace offers luxury apartment home living that’s packed with services and amenities. This includes a full fitness center, private dining club and social lounge, movie screening room, dog park, and so much more. We also provide those must needed essentials like 24-hour maintenance, laundry facilities, and controlled access to the building.

The best way to see how great your next home can be is by checking out our virtual tour or by scheduling an in-person tour. Contact us today to set one up.

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