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The Pros & Cons of Having a Roommate | Luxury Apartments

The Pros and Cons of Having a Roommate

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Breaking Down the Advantages and Disadvantages of Living with Someone

“Should I live with a roommate?” This is an age-old question that many renters ask themselves before entering into a lease. Here at The Apex at CityPlace, we’re able to offer Johnson County residents some of the most luxurious smart apartments in the area. Our luxury apartments are available in studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom. In many cases, our renters will opt to go with a bigger space and enter into a lease with a roommate because it has its distinct advantages. However, if you’ve never lived with another person before, there are a few downsides you need to be made aware of.
To give you a full breakdown, we’re offering up a pros and cons list of sharing an apartment with a roommate. Consider these when trying to decide your upcoming living arrangement.
Pro #1 – Splitting the Rent and Bills
The rent on your luxury apartment is likely going to be your largest monthly financial obligation. Tack onto it the cost of cable TV, Internet, utilities and other living-related expenses and you can see how quickly this can add up. If you’re living alone, this can be a lot to financially take on. Additionally, after paying your rent and bills, it might not leave you with much left in disposable income for going out and having fun.
So, what if you could split your rent and all your monthly bills right down the middle with another person? This is exactly why many people decide to enter into a lease with a roommate. It saves you a lot of money and removes the majority of the financial strain. People with roommates generally have more disposable income available so they can do more recreational activities.
Con #1 – Being Roommates Can Put a Strain on the Relationship
Putting two people in a shared space and expecting them to live together isn’t without its risks. Personalities can clash. One person may be a clean freak while the other is perfectly comfortable living in a pigsty. Or perhaps one person is very good about paying bills while the other is forgetful and unorganized. You can see what we’re getting at here. Roommates that stress each other out lead to strained relationships.
Our advice? Make sure you know who you’re moving in with. Get on the same page about how you like to handle bills, cleaning, inviting guests over, etc. Open up the lines of communication and try to discover the problems before they actually become problems.
Pro #2 – You Won’t Be Lonely
Having a roommate means that you always have someone to hang out with. You can watch Netflix and play games together. You’ll have someone to go to the gym with. If you have an idea for work, you can use your roommate as a sounding board to test it out. If you’re the type of person that enjoys having company and someone to talk to, having a roommate is the ideal living situation.
Con #2 – Lack of Privacy
When you live with another person, you give up the majority of your privacy. That means you can’t do whatever you want whenever you want. For example, if you come home extremely late from a night out, you’re going to have to be quiet so as not to disturb your roommate. Same goes for having guests over. Although you may be in the mood to entertain, perhaps your roommate isn’t. Forfeiting total privacy can be difficult for those who have never lived with a roommate before.
Pro #3 – Having an Extra Set of Hands Never Hurts
Maintaining a luxury apartment isn’t without its share of chores. In order to keep your apartment in pristine condition, you’ll have to regularly clean it. This is much easier to do if there are two people involved instead of just one. Additionally, you can ask your roommate to do things that you’re unable to or that would be too great of an inconvenience. For example, maybe you’re going out of town for a couple days on a work trip but need someone to look after your pet. Rather than pay money to board your pet, you can simply ask your roommate to look after it for a couple days. Situations where you can depend on another person to help you out make life more convenient.

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