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Tips to Make it Easy to Move Into Your Luxury Apartment

Make it Easy to Move Into Your New Luxury Apartment this Winter by Following These Tips

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Our Pet-Friendly Apartments Near You Are the Perfect Place to Call Home

Moving is exciting. It’s not only a fresh start, but a great opportunity to personalize your space to be your own. However, moving day itself isn’t always a walk in the park. Especially with the holiday season right around the corner, it can add some additional stress to your move.

Fortunately, we’ve curated a list of tips that will facilitate your move into your luxury apartment and help it go as smoothly – and quickly – as possible.

And if you’re still searching for your new home, our luxury apartments in Kansas City are a great place to start.

#1 – Start Early

Moving day is stressful enough, and trust us – you won’t want to spend those hectic few days trying to pack up all your stuff. Packing in advance and starting as early as possible will make your move that much easier. Even if your move-in date is months away, making progress now will help in the long run.

Start with items you know you won’t need before you move. Summer clothes, wall art, or seasonal decorations can all be packed now, and you won’t have to worry about trying to rummage through the boxes to find something. When moving day finally comes, you’ll be thankful you made progress beforehand.

#2 – Declutter Your Belongings

Moving is the perfect time to sort through your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need. This will ensure you’re only bringing items that you use, and it also prevents you from running out of space in your new home.

Sell clothes you no longer wear to a retail-resale store or on a selling app to make some extra cash. You might also consider donating them to a secondhand store or giving them away through a local Buy Nothing group on Facebook.

After decluttering, you’ll feel better knowing you’re only moving items you’ll actually use.

#3 – Measure

The last thing you want when moving into your luxury apartment is to find out your couch doesn’t fit through the front door. If you’re able, get the measurements of your new apartment, or take them yourself before moving day. Knowing the dimensions of your new home will also help you plan how you’re going to arrange your furniture, which will get you settled in that much faster.

Fortunately, dimensions of each floor plan are typically provided on most Kansas City luxury apartment websites, making your job significantly easier.

#4 – Don’t Spend Money on Boxes

When getting ready to move, many people first think to purchase all new, high-quality moving boxes. In reality, you can find sturdy, good quality boxes that get the job done for no cost at all.

Clothing stores, grocery stores, and retailers are all places to find boxes for free. These stores are usually very willing to hand over boxes they no longer need, and can help you save money during your move. You can even ask your friends or work colleagues if they have any they’d otherwise recycle.

#5 – Take Inventory

To save you from a headache later on, it’s a good idea to write down what’s inside each moving box on the side of the box. You also can color code the boxes by the room they belong in, the items themselves, or any other method that makes sense to you. This process will make it easier to sort the boxes and find what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

#6 – Move Clothing on Hangers

Save time and organize your clothes by packing them on their hangers. Instead of removing them from each hanger just to hang them up again at your new luxury apartment, keep them on their hangers.

Use zip ties to keep the handles together and cover your clothes with a trash bag or plastic wrap to protect them during the move. Once you arrive at your new apartment on moving day, all you’ll have to do is remove the covering and your clothes will be ready to hang up!

Find Your Own Luxury Apartment at The Apex at CityPlace!

At The Apex at CityPlace, our luxury apartments make the perfect place to call home. We offer a selection of modern apartments to choose from, so we’re confident you’ll find a floor plan that suits your lifestyle.

You don’t have to leave your furry friend behind, either. Our pet-friendly apartments near you welcome both cats and dogs. For a one-time pet fee and monthly pet rent fee, your pet can join you in your new luxury apartment.

To tour our luxury apartments in Overland Park, KS, give us a call at (816) 412-8490 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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