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6 Ways to Deck Out the Balcony of Your Luxury Apartment

How to Deck Out the Balcony of Your Luxury Apartment

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apartment balcony with wood tile flooring a chair and lights

6 Ideas to Elevate Your Luxury Apartment Decor This Summer

Sure, your luxury apartment might not have an expansive backyard, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors. Most units include a balcony that, when complete with modern apartment decor, can double as your own private outdoor oasis.

Not only is an empty concrete balcony uninspiring, but you may not even know where to begin. That’s what we’re here for. Explore these apartment decorating ideas to transform your modern apartment’s balcony and turn it into the perfect place to kick back and relax all summer long.

#1 – Find Comfortable Furniture

Your apartment decor starts with furniture that will keep you comfortable as you enjoy your morning coffee, read a book, catch up with a friend, or just unwind on the balcony of your modern apartment. And with so many designs and pieces to choose from, you won’t have a problem finding furniture that represents your own personal style. Shop around at home decor stores or purchase discounted, preowned furniture online through Facebook Marketplace.

Fill your balcony with outdoor armchairs, adirondack chairs, egg chairs, or any other type of seating that brings your vision to life. Don’t forget to include a side table to place your beverage, phone, or whatever else you may need while you’re outside.

Make sure your furniture is weather-resistant and made for outdoor use. Resin wicker, wrought iron, and plastic are all materials that will stay in great condition no matter what kind of weather they face.

#2 – Decorate With Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers add a natural flair and are an apartment decorating idea that brings the outdoors to your balcony, even if you live on the very top floor. Decorate with potted, lush plants and flowers. Wanting something with little commitment? Opt for artificial plants instead – they have the same effect and won’t need to be watered.

#3 – Incorporate Color

Decorating with pops of color gives your balcony a bright, welcoming feeling every time you step out of your back door. Blue, yellow, and green complement neutrals and are just a few hues that look great outdoors. To really make a statement with your decor, experiment with patterns and textures.

You can use color virtually anywhere in your balcony. Purchase colorful furniture, or if you tend to change up your luxury apartment decor, add color with accessories – like throw pillows and rugs.

#4 – Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting plays a huge part in the overall feel of your modern apartment balcony, so you’ll want to use it to your advantage. There are tons of ways to light up your space, and incorporating lights into your modern apartment decor makes your balcony the perfect spot to spend summer nights.

String lights are one of the most commonly used lighting for balconies, but you can also get creative with lanterns, LED lights, and solar-powered lights. To make your balcony extra cozy, make sure to decorate with warm, soft light rather than bright white, which will look harsh.

#5 – Add Privacy

The balcony of your modern apartment should be somewhere you can relax, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of the community can be a distraction. Luckily, you can use apartment decor to make it a bit more secluded and enhance your privacy. Privacy screens allow you to customize your balcony and turn it into your own personal getaway. Deck it out with privacy screens made of mesh, metal, wood, or even faux greenery.

#6 – Make It Pet-Friendly

If you’re a proud pet owner, there’s no doubt you’ll want your furry friend to join you on the balcony of your modern apartment. Luxury apartment decor will ensure they’re comfortable and have everything they need. Start by placing a cozy dog bed on your balcony to give them a place to lay down and relax. You’ll also want to include a rug to keep their feet cool on particularly hot days. Additionally, consider adding a basket filled with their favorite toys to stay organized and keep them entertained. Just remember to never leave your pet unattended on an apartment balcony.

Change Up Your Luxury Apartment Decor and Find Your New Home

Still looking for a new luxury apartment to call your own? By searching “modern apartment near me” online, you’ll be delivered with a list of communities within your direct vicinity. Each community offers their own unique collection of modern apartment floor plans, complete with spacious, open balconies to decorate however you choose. Once you move in, you can begin revamping your balcony with luxury apartment decor.

To learn more about the floor plan of your next potential home, contact a luxury apartment community in your area.

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