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Apartment Move-In Checklist: Keep Everything in Order

The Apex at CityPlace Apartment Move-In Checklist

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Make the Most of Your Move By Following These Tips from Overland Park Experts

Moving from one place to the next can be stressful, but with a plan and some preparation, you can enjoy your new home in no time. For an efficient, hassle-free move, we recommend following a checklist as you leave your old apartment behind and move into your new space.

An apartment move-in checklist may seem tedious, but you’ll be relieved when you won’t have to remember everything off the top of your head. It will help you stay organized and ensure everything is taken care of – not only during your move, but before and after it, too. You might even find it rewarding to be able to see the progress you’ve made.

The good news is that you won’t have to create a checklist on your own. At the Apex at CityPlace, our relocation experts have provided a move-in checklist to follow throughout the entirety of the process, so you can start enjoying life in your luxury apartment home as soon as possible.

Preparing for Your Move

Some might argue that preparing for your move is more overwhelming than the move itself. With a move-in checklist for your apartment, you’ll be able to keep everything in order.

Although it’s exciting to move to a new place, you also have to finish your time at your old apartment and leave it in optimal condition for the next residents. It’s a good idea to add those items to your move-in checklist to make sure they aren’t forgotten.

  • Sign the lease to your new apartment
    First, you’ll want to make things official by signing the lease to your new apartment home. This guarantees the unit is yours and makes it unavailable to other apartment-seekers interested in the community. Avoid paying for two rents by confirming that your new lease begins just as your current one ends. Some people prefer a couple of days overlap to give plenty of time for moving and cleaning.
  • Schedule cancellation of your services
    Contact your utility providers to shut off your services. This includes any electricity, gas, and internet/cable services you’re paying for at your current apartment.
  • Set up mail forwarding
    To receive all your mail and prevent it from being delivered to your old residence, notify the post office of your move and new address. Set up mail forwarding services to ensure your mail is going to the correct place where you’re able to receive it. You can do this in person at your local post office or online at
  • Request time off from work, if needed
    Moving can take time, and it can be hard to complete in just one weekend. It’s best to move with a clear, open schedule and not have to worry about work on top of it. If needed, request time off from work in advance so you can put all your focus and energy on your move.
  • Rent a moving truck
    To transport your boxes and furniture, rent a moving truck. Do this in advance to make sure the truck is ready to pick up on the day of your move. Most companies offer a variety of truck sizes to choose from, so you can rent one with only as much space as you need.
  • Pack up your belongings
    Start packing your belongings into boxes a few weeks before your move. To avoid future headaches, organize them by room and label what’s inside. Pack items you know you won’t need before your move, like decor or seasonal clothing, to make quick progress. Pack last-minute items the night before your move.
  • Deep clean your current apartment
    Before you move into your new home, you’ll want to leave your old apartment in move-in ready condition for the next residents and to ensure you get the majority of your security deposit back. Deep clean each room, including wiping down cabinet fronts and the insides of drawers. This step should be one of the last on your apartment move-in checklist after all of your belongings have been packed up, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning around them.

What to Do During Your Move

Depending on how many items you have and how far you’re moving, it could take time. Give yourself plenty of time to move and don’t rush the process. Besides driving your items from one place to another, there are a few other things you should add to your apartment checklist before moving in.

  • Set up your utilities at your new place
    Call your new utility providers to start your services. Set up a plan for electricity, gas, and Internet inside your new apartment.
  • Do one last walk-through
    After you’ve loaded the truck with your belongings, do one final walk-through of your old apartment. Look for items you may have missed or any areas that need to be cleaned last-minute.
  • Return your keys
    Return your keys to the leasing office before moving out. Each community has their own process, and you might be asked to leave them inside your apartment home or return them in-person. Follow the instructions you’ve been given.

After You’ve Moved Into Your New Apartment Home

So, you’ve unloaded the truck. Now what? It’s finally time to unpack your belongings and set up your new apartment home. Having an apartment move-in checklist to follow is also useful during this part of the process.

  • Unpack your boxes
    Start personalizing your new home by unpacking your items and decorating your space. This is the perfect opportunity to organize each room and start fresh. Experiment with different furniture layouts and decide which one you like best. After you’ve set up your furniture, move onto closets, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Check out your new community
    To feel right at home, familiarize yourself with the area after you’ve moved in. Explore restaurants, shopping, and entertainment districts nearby. Take a look at the amenities available inside your new apartment community.
  • Host a housewarming party
    Once you’re settled into your apartment, invite friends over to celebrate your move and check out your new space. This is a great opportunity to relax and kick-off your next chapter in your luxury apartment home.

Put Your Move-In Checklist to Use at Our Luxury Apartments in Overland Park

Don’t wait to find your perfect new home. At The Apex at CityPlace, we’re currently leasing a selection of apartments for rent, including studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom floor plans. And with the help of your move-in checklist, you’ll get to enjoy your spacious new home and amenities that much sooner.

Elevate your lifestyle today by scheduling a tour of our luxury apartments in Overland Park. To get started, call us at (913) 871-8869.

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